Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Capacitors for Energy Saving Brakes

To save power drawn from the kinetic energy when the car is braking, Mazda does not use batteries, but capacitors. In fact, the capacitor can only store electricity in a short time or temporary. Meanwhile, longer battery life.

However, capacitors have kelebihanm capable of storing electricity (filled) in quick time with a large capacity. In addition, durability or shelf life longer than batteries. Well, the excess that's what Mazda used at once claimed as the first car manufacturer in the world that uses capacitors to recycle ualang energy when the car brakes.

This new technology called the Mazda with the 'i-ELOOP' (and rectify faults were written yesterday 'i-LOOP') which was adapted from the "Intelligent Energy Loop" or recycle energy.

Without Motor and Battery
According to Mazda this system works more efficient in converting kinetic energy into electricity when the car brakes. Diperolehm electricity used to operate the air conditioning (climate control), audio and a host of other electrical components in cars.

Today, most car manufacturers recycle the energy or perform regenerative braking when the car by using the motor / alternator (motor that also functions as an alternator) and batteries. Both components have their respective duties.

The goal, to save energy by recycling of this brake, to save fuel consumption Baan sekaigus reduce carbon dioxide pollution (CO2). In particular, when the car used in a growing city in the pestle and the frequency of the traffic 'stop and go' grow taller.

In conventional systems, use an electric motor or alternator to generate electricity. In hybrid cars, electric motor and battery size are larger in size.

With capacitors, according to Mazda, the electric motor and batteries are not needed anymore. Only used 12 volt alternator voltage, electric double layer capacitor with low barriers and converters DC / DC. 'I-ELOOP' began working to recover kinetic energy when the driver took his foot off the accelerator or the car began to slow.

Next use the alternator to the voltage change has resulted in the highest 25-volt electric (the method is considered more efficient) and after it was sent to a type of Electric Double Layer Capacitors (Electric Double Layer Capacitor: EDLC) to be stored.

These capacitors developed specifically (use in car) and can be fully charged in seconds. Furthermore, electricity from the capacitor voltage is lowered from 25 volts to 12 volts by the converter DC / DC. After that distiribusikan directly to the car electrical components or to charge a car battery if necessary.

'I-ELOOP' work when the car brakes, reducing the need for the engine to burn fuel and, in addition to generating electricity. In the state of "stop and go", the fuel consumption can be diirit to 10 percent. According to Mazda, the use of 'i-coupled with the technology' i-stop idling ', a system that prolong the period of the machine dies. Planned, this technology began to be used for cars produced by Mazda in 2012.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Beautiful Girls Model MotoGP Valencia 2011

MotoGP - MotoGP Valencia last series left unforgettable memories of a beautiful woman posing with a sexy body and face are so hard to forget.

Valencia MotoGP 2011 is the last series on the 2011 MotoGP season performances. He called the fight on the pride of the Spanish circuit is always hard to forget. Where sperti which we discussed earlier, Valencia 2011 MotoGP series to the series tribute to Marco Simoncelli at Malaysian MotoGP series died in 2011. In addition, there are moments that can not be forgotten that for Loris Capirossi, the drivers are rumored to be retiring from the racing world. And last is he called the fight over the race was held, where several events that we can not forget is a series of accidents between Valentino Rossi, Bautista, Heyden, and Rendy at first tingkungan after the green light start. There was also a last lap incident at this particular time is between Ben Spies and Casey Stoner. This is all the moments that we can not forget during the last series MotoGP Valencia 2011 was held.

Behind the events that we can not forget the above teradapat few moments the most we can not forget that when the woman or the Umbrella Girls Beautiful Valencia MotoGP 2011 action. We are always on the forefront to receive such information in order to provide the best information for fans of MotoGP in the country. Here are some Beautiful Women ala MotoGP Valencia 2011 that we can provide:

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Sircuit Misano italy will change its name to "Marco Simoncelli Misano".

MotoGP - To give appreciation to Marco Simoncelli, the Board of Directors of Italian dining Misano circuit will change its name to "Marco Simoncelli Misano".

Currently there are talks between the authorities Misano circuit with Marco Simoncelli family about plans for adding a name in Italian Misano circuit. "We have a memory with Sic," explained Luca Colaiacovo, Prersiden Misano Circuit. "The family and the hundreds of thousands of fans admire his courage on the track. We are very pleased and proud when the circuit is given the additional name of Marco Simoncelli Misano, "he added.
Plan menambahan name on the circuit who is also a favorite place for Marco Simoncelli is not just business interests. Authorities Misano circuit will separate the name Marco Simoncelli with marketing or marketing interests. Even the authorities are also planning to build the social foundations Marco Simoncelli Foundation. Just to remind you that Italy Misano circuit also left tragic memories of last year Moto2 racer from Japan Showya Tomizawa died Misano circuit in Italy. And in 1993, three times MotoGP world champion, Wayne Rainey and finally paralyzed severe accident until now. Hopefully with the addition of the name of the Marco Simoncelli Misano circuit and the establishment of the Foundation Marco Simoncelli Foundation can provide a change in service at the Italian circuit of civic pride.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Concept sport mobil VW Beetle

VW launches new car manufacturers, VW Beetle R Concept that highlight the sporty side. Want to know what car the Concept R VW Beetle?

VW new Beetle is on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 recently.
The basic concept remains embedded in the VW Beetle made ​​in Germany this latest product.
But the lines of a typical sports car was added in this latest model. The result, you are judging.

How big is the engine capacity, the VW is still secret. But they guarantee that the resulting acceleration will satisfy lovers of sports cars.
20-inch alloy wheels.
Selling price is not yet officially released.

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