Friday, July 8, 2011

Teknologi mutakhir.. Mobil Terbang..

World of increasingly sophisticated technology, the creation of a vehicle in the form of a bike .. and motorcycle .. later cars, planes, ships, trains, etc.. the day of the faster movement of people with a vehicle as I mentioned above. humans no longer walk for a distance of 1 km. when the first human being aided by technology that is simple, the longer people can create more advanced technology, vehicles are divided into several categories .. vehicles for land, sea and air .. land vehicles commonly called Cars and motorcycles, while for marine vehicles in call of ships. and for vehicles in the air called a plane. but due to the development of increasingly clever technology and human beings now .. am creating a human being is now planning a flying car and no longer the only aircraft that would be vehicles in the air .. but the car will also be able to form the vehicle in the air ..
Wat if a car can fly .. nah .. here I show some images display the cars will be on the fly like a plane ..

Videonya :


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