Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Made in Indonesia Soon Produced Byson

One of Yamaha products in the sports segment, namely Byson, obtaining a high enough demand in Indonesia. The same is happening in their home country, India. As a result, Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) scramble to meet consumer demand for Indonesia. On the other hand there is also a problem. Byson exported to Indonesia in fact many are rejected.

It was presented the President Director YMKI Dyonisius Beti, in an iftar held at the Golf Course Simpruk Yamaha, Jakarta, yesterday (10 / 8).

Well, because the demand is quite high also, Yamaha Indonesia plans to assemble or even make Byson "Made in Indonesia". Because the standard of a higher quality of Yamaha Indonesia. "Yamaha Japan has plans to make special components for Byson which will be assembled in Indonesia," Dyon said.

Responding to excellence main rival, Honda, the motorcycle market in Indonesia is currently re-mastering share above 50 percent, Dyon's only comment, will give priority to (attempt) the hearts of consumers.
If the first unbeaten Yamaha scooter in the segment, now it's been taken over by Honda. Honda is very vigorous attack by marketing more than the Yamaha scooter variants. Currently, eight variants of the Honda scooter market, while the Yamaha is only four, consisting of Standard Mio, Sporty, Soul, and Xeon 125.
The same thing happened on the total model with variants. Honda by 27 models or variants, while the Yamaha is only 11.

Dyon also explained, Yamaha did not want to come 'jor-rod' offering low down payment. "We will not follow the ways in which the competitors by offering DP (down payment) cheap. In fact, we plan to set a standard 20 percent down payment of the price of the motor, "Dyon said.

In this way, only those who really want to have a motorcycle that wants to buy with a down payment of it. Exemplified, if the price of Rp15 million motorcycle, then the deposit should be Rp 3 million.

Further, with a low down payment, such as Rp1 million, a lot of speculation. "Especially before Lebaran. If they can not continue the mortgage, leasing them back. Under conditions of a motorcycle with a low down payment, the buyer does not continue the mortgage ratio is high, namely 20 percent, "Dyon beber.

Further He said there was no agreement among members of the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) for making the lowest down payment standard. "Not all agreed," Dyon said. Admittedly, the strategy could have done it would reduce sales. However, the way it is considered more effective and efficient.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

9 World's Largest Vehicle

Fabulous, large vehicles that you can not see in everyday life or in other words, special purpose vehichle (vehicle created for the specific job). because the creation of huge machines that many mega projects easily and efficiently realized.

Let's look at some of the world's largest vehicle / engine ever made. Most large vehicles are displayed for digging and for mining purposes

1. Liebherr hydraulic shovel (one of the world's largest hydraulic excavator)
LIEBHERR hydarulic giant shovel is in production by libher group, the complex German manufacturing company, and one of the largest in the world for similar type. This tool is used for heavy work in open pit mining. This vehicle weighs 656 tons. With a Cummins diesel engine C 180 E, 16 cylinder capacity of 50.3 liters and is capable of producing power for 3000hp at 1800rpm engine speed, whereas the strength to dig the soil is 1,500 kN. Fuel tank capacity is 13,000 liters while the hydraulic tank capacity is 4600 liters, and the maximum hydraulic pressure is 350bar. volume up to 36 m3 bucket, or the equivalent of one load 60ton.

2. Caterpillar 797F (most trucks with payload)
This big truck look like a house, made ​​by Caterpillar factory of origin United States. this truck

made for the purposes of mining with a very high production and for heavy construction. load capacity of trucks is one of the highest and largest in the world. This model was introduced in 2008 and entered full production in 2009. This latest model is much larger and stronger than the previous model 797B series and has a capacity of 400 tons carrying capacity, while a series of 380ton cuman 797B.

3. Komatsu D575A Super Dozer (bulldozer ever built at this time)
Komatsu D575A Superbuldozer made ​​by Japanese komatsu bulldozer Ltd. is currently the largest ever made. bulldozers are used in mining coal strip mining in North America band, this is more efficient than using a drag line on mining. bulldozer is 4.88 meters high and has a length of 11.72m and making it the largest and most powerful bulldozers in the world ..

4. Mobile Launcher Platform
The mobile launcher platform or MLP is a giant satellite transport vehicles that weigh 8.23 million pounds when unloaded, weighed about 11 million pounds complete with satellite diatasnya.kendaraan has a long dimension of 160 feet (49m) wide by 135 feet (41m) and high around 25 feet (7.6 m), is one of three two-story structure that is used by NASA to support the stack shutlle during transport from the factory to be launched at Pad 39-a Kennedy Space Center, and also as a vehicle rocket launcher.

5. Volvo NH 15 Tanker BP (One of the longest truck in the world)
Volvo NH15 BP Tanker Road Train is a trucking concept used in remote areas in Argentina, Australia, Mexico, the United States and Canada to move large loads efficiently. Diaustralia vehicle is often called road trains, while in the U.S. and Canada is often called "triples", "Turnpike Double" or "rocky mountain doubles". In production by the company Volvo in 1998.

6. TEREX 33-19 Titan (One of the largest truckload and largest ever built)
TEREX 33-19 "Titan" is one of the largest truckload operating until 1998. If a fully loaded truck can reach speeds of 29.8 mph.Dirancang and built by TEREX division of general motors company in 1973, and 13 years of operation setalh TEREX titan is now on display at sparwood museumkan and British Columbia Canada. TEREX 33-19 is the largest version of the series 33 TEREX off-road haulers.

7. Big Bud 747 (World's Largest agricultural tractors)
With a length of 27 feet width of 20 feet and 14 feet high and weighed 100,000 pounds, big bud 16-V 747 or 747, is the world's largest tractor, built in 1977 in Montana United States. The main usefulness of this tractor is plowing the land for agriculture. This tractor can cultivate the agricultural land area of ​​60 acres per hour with a speed of 8 mph.

8. "Captain" Marion 6360 (the largest land vehicles ever built)
With a total weight of 28 million pounds, the captain is the excavator with the greatest power in the world. This giant machine built by the Marion shovel electric company in 1965. capacity of the bucket (bucket) can mengakat or transport material weighing 300 tons. "Captain" is one of the two largest land vehicles ever built, and after a long operated in akhirny retire in 1992.

9. Bucyrus-Erie 1850B "Big Brutus" (the world's second largest Shovel)
Bucyrus-Erie 1805B, dubbed the "big brutus" has a 49m height and weight 11juta pounds is the world's second largest electric shovel, used from the years 1960-1970. Currently on display in a museum of mining and mineral west, kansas United States. Bucket capacity (bucket) of about 150 tons and reach a maximum speed of 0.22 mph, and in 1962 cost about 6.5 million dollars.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Machinery Lubrication History TOP 1

TOP 1 lunge kick start 37 years ago, when William Arthur Ryan was determined to start the TOP 1 Oil Products Company, with a vision to become the leading provider of high quality lubricants from America to the world. His career started in the military and away from the world of business and commerce, does not make them surrender. And proven, it is capable of reaching the market share of Asia, Latin America & Europe.

A pride for himself and his family, took on the task of state and become part of Team U.S. Army Intelligence, under the command of General MacArthur. Trust the leadership of the United States supreme war during World War II against him, making it reliable for the task in the Pacific region.

William Arthur Ryan served in Biak (Irian Jaya) from 1943 until 1945, after which he was transferred by his superiors to Luzon (Philippines). After the war ended, William A Ryan retired from the military and joining a special unit under General MacArthur, based big in Tokyo.
He started his job in September 1945, in Yokohama (Japan), and is believed to be part of Team Scientific & Economics is responsible for rebuilding the Japanese economy, until 1948. While in Japan, William A Ryan is a very close relationship with the industrialists that future-oriented Japanese economy, such as Hattori (Seiko watch company founder), Shoichiro Honda (founder of Honda), and many others.

In 1950 William A Ryan joined the company's U.S. automotive parts, serving as an International Marketing Manager until 1974. This is where the whole family of William A Ryan spent most of their lives in Japan. Her passion & high social concern to children, families, amounting to make up 13 children, while he was in Japan.

With hours of flying high enough in the wrestle automotive spare parts during the period 1950-1974 in Japan, making sure that the trend of production of cars and automotive components will be shifted, from the United States (Detroit) to Japan, then to Taiwan, Korea, Brazil and finally to China.

In 1974, global recognition of the United States as a lubricant manufacturer with the best quality in the world, convinced him to establish a lubricant companies that offer the highest quality lubricants from the United States to all parts of the world.
It is the forerunner to the birth TOP 1 Oil Products Company.

And after a trip through a long process, finally in 1979 TOP 1 Oil Products Company was founded, with the vision of providing quality lubricants to customers around the world. After more than 30 years running, the TOP 1 has evolved into a much larger organization, but stick to his original vision.

Currently, the TOP 1 is one of the largest exporters of high quality lubricants in the United States for the majority of countries in Asia and Latin America. TOP 1 is a fast growing company with a range of coverage of the most complete line of products whose quality has been recognized worldwide.

TOP 1 has received a variety of pernghargaan, both in the United States and abroad. TOP 1 founder William A. Ryan received the "State of California's Exporter of the Year" in 1985, and up to date, TOP 1 is a recipient of one award prestos of Departmeent of Commerce is "E-Award for Excellence in Exporting."
Never surrender to the spirit of Inspiration & William A Ryan optimistic attitude to dare to dream to follow his vision, where as 99% of people said that it would not be possible, however, he has proved that

TOP 1 Oil Products Company is the largest exporter of oil "Synthetic" from the United States.

TOP 1 is unique in the business for generations owned and operated by one family.
And to even this day, the third generation of the family of Ryan continued achievement of the organizational principles that have been coined by the founders, namely: "Providing quality lubricants to always maintain the close friendship that has existed with its customers"

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