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Modif Otak Atik Motor Honda Blade 110R 2011

To modify this time focus to the bottom Hobda Blade'll appear more vivid and macho, To modifkasi on the side of the wheel. The size of the front and rear 2.5-inch X17 6 × 17 inches. 110R honda motor blade is certainly reasonable to moge capacity 1300 cc. But how to get into in the duck is only 110 cc? The first step, of course, looking for swing arm that can be filled with edge width of 6 inches before.
You can use a variety of arms to the Ninja 250R for this modification honda motor. But of course can not directly attach. The problem dimensions that are too long arms, so if you maintain the standard mounting position would look very aneh.Oleh because it by sliding the mounting sleeve on the front. Because of course not possible to cut the previous extension arm. Created a new base of solid iron, so that the front is currently stuck with a machine. The design or form a new holder is to follow its original form.

Once the arm is attached, no more obstacles in the rear. As for the front rim as well as much broader than the standard, it must be a new triangle. iron with a thickness of 15 mm. Contrived to rim width can go.
MotoGP tail because this theme refers to the style of racing so make the body design that refers to any process of change in motor MotoGP.Maka also to the rear frame. Cut about 10 cm in order to form good.
To manufacture the rear body itself uses fiber. Let the identity of the Blade is still visible, then the Blade 110 logos remain attached to the details in the tail.

The following data modifications Honda Blade 110R:

Front tire: 120/60-17 Bridgestone
Rear tire: 200/55-17 Bridgestone
Airs next: LHK
Sok back: Jupiter MX 135LC
Caliper: 4 piston Kitaco
Muffler: Replication CBR1000
X-16: (021) 65861510

And here are other ideas for modification of Blade 110R honda motor

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Modifikasi Motor Jupiter Mx

Yamaha Jupiter MX was one type of sports ducks are present in Indonesia. The sporty looks and 135 cc engine that uses water cooling (radiator) and also the clutch made ​​one type of duck the best-selling motor current.

He looked like a sporty still could be changed or modified to appear more sporty I took several photos of a few websites about the modification Jupiter Mx
with the addition of side wings and bottom of the engine makes more sporty jupiter mx jupiter z must be paired lights to the front and with no lights on.

Perhaps there are many more modifications jupiter mx bike is because of the sporty

CBR HONDA 150R Indonesia

Having kicked off with a Honda CBR 250R in February 2011, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) was preparing a CBR 150R. Sports bike has been produced in Thailand. Well, AHM rumored in the near future will introduce the CBR 150R. "As an early stage will be imported CBU from Thailand. Later we plan to assemble their own, "said Augustine Indraputra, GM Marketing Planning & Analysis Division, AHM, which is still reluctant to reveal further plans.

Honda CBR 150R armed with DOHC engine, 4-Stroke capacity of 149.4 cc, which can generate power 19.5 hp at 10,500 rpm and torque of 17 Nm at 8000 rpm. All-New CBR150R has a length of 1977 mm, width 695 mm, height 1130 mm and 1310 mm wheelbase. CBR150R supported telescopic suspension at the front and monoshock at the rear. Those legs, then, flanking 100-80-17MC/52P sized tires (front) and 130/70-17MC62P (rear). Honda still entrust a single disc brake system for the two wheels as instruments of the rate freeze. Affairs of the White Elephant in this bike cost Rp 22.6 million. Reportedly AHM will membanderol a price of USD 29-30 million.

Modif Suzuki Hayabusa

Manufacturer Suzuki
Also called GSX1300R, 'Busa
Production 1999 -
Class Hyper sport
Top speed 1999 188-194 mph (303-312 km / h)
2000 - 186 mph (299 km / h)
Related Suzuki B-King

Suzuki Hayabusa (or GSX1300R) is a hyper sport motorcycle made ​​by Suzuki since 1999. Soon won acclaim as the world's fastest production motorcycle, with a top speed of 188-194 mph (303-312 km / h).

隼 Hayabusa is Japanese for Peregrine Falcon, a bird that often serves as a metaphor for speed as a vertical diving hunting, or bow, the speed of 180-240 mph (290-390 km / h), the fastest of any bird. In Specifically, the name choice was made because of the fact that prey on bird hunter black eagle, which reflects the original intent to shift the Hayabusa Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird as the world's fastest production motorcycle. In the end, Hayabusa succeeded to surpass the Super Blackbird by at least a full 10 miles per hour (16 km / h).

In 2000, the fear of backlash European regulation or prohibition of imports led to informal agreements between Japanese and European manufacturers to adjust their motor speed at an arbitrary boundary. Therefore, the model year 2000 and later Hayabusas, as well as their competition, which is electronically limited to 300 kilometers per hour (186 mph).

The media reported the deal values ​​the speed in miles per hour in a consistent 186 mph, while in miles per hour it varies 299-303 km / h, which is typical given unit conversion rounding error. This number can also be affected by a number of external factors, as can the figures for horsepower and torque.

The conditions under which this limitation was adopted led to Hayabusa title to remain, at least technically, irrefutable, since no subsequent models can go much faster without being destroyed. Thus, after the much anticipated Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R in 2000 fell 4 mph (6 km / h) short claim the title for being speed-limited, the Hayabusa secure his place as the fastest standard production bike century 20.Hal provides 190 - mph restricted model with even more 1999 stamp collectors.

Besides speed, the Hayabusa has been praised by many reviewers for all-around performance, in the sense that it does not drastically compromise other qualities such as handling, comfort, reliability, noise, fuel economy or price in the pursuit of a single function. Jay Koblenz of Motorcycle Consumer News commented, "If you think a motorcycle ability to approach or reach 190 mph quarter-mile in less than 10 seconds at best reckless and at worst offensive, it still remains a motorcycle is only worth considering. The Hayabusa is the speed in all its glory. But speed is not all this Hayabusa. "

BMW S 1000 RR

GERMANY - To celebrate the BMW kemangan top riders in the arena Ayrton Badovin Superstock FIM Cup 2010, BMW launched the BMW S 1000 RR Superstock created a limited basis.

The launch of the BMW S 1000 RR Superstock, to celebrate the success BMW in Superstock racing event in 2010. Also joining Badovin BMW celebrates with James Toseland at BMW WSBK squad.

BMW S 1000 RR will be produced in its home country of Germany, but for the design and appearance will be watched with a touch keseluruhana directly by BMW Motorrad in Italy.

What makes this special again, on every motor Superstock Badovoni will be given the number '86 'on the tank at the location of the motor and the rear seat.

Ayrton Badovini Motor edition will be sold only 50 units, and will be released at a price of 27,000 euros, or approximately USD 330 million.

The price offered memangan more expensive than the price of the BMW 1000 R Superbike standards dibandrol 11,000 euros, or approximately USD 133 million, but BMW motorcycle to ensure that the special edition will offer a thrilling driving experience that much different.

Safety Ducati

Riding a motorcycle is the most exciting way to enjoy the road; offering the height of safety to bike riders is Ducati's commitment.
It is a commitment which takes us in various directions because motorcycle safety has many sides to it and we can only achieve our goals through well managed initiatives.

One side of our commitment is political. In fact, as members of the national and international motorcycle manufacturer associations (ANCMA and ACEM - respectively), we promote motorcycling as an asset for the present and future of transport to governments and help them make decisions which are sustainable for companies and motorcyclists.

Another side is our popular commitment, which aims to explain - also through these pages - that just a little effort to do the right thing is all that is needed to obtain a big reduction in the number of motorcycling accidents. In support of this, Ducati has organised its DRE courses on safe and sports riding for the past ten years, providing training about how to maintain better control of the bike in extreme conditions.

Finally, we make a technological commitment, on both active and passive safety aspects. Designing increasingly easy-to-handle bikes, which offer great control and reliability, not only increases riding pleasure, but also improves safety. Equipping bikes with advanced systems such as ABS and traction control raises safety standards even further.
And let's not forget the role of hi-tech clothing, with increasingly advanced protectors and materials designed to withstand impacts and scrapes.

To promote this fundamental topic, Ducati has undertaken major initiatives over the years, such as the campaign held throughout 2009 which offered a back protector to everyone who purchased a new Ducati and distributed tens of thousands of back protectors all over Europe.

Read this section of the site carefully, gather information about road safety and make your own personal contribution to the mission of motorcycling safety.


4-tak, DOHC
Diameter x Langkah
62 x 41.2mm
Jumlah & Isi Silinder
2 buah sejajar & 124,5cc
Perbandingan Kompresi
Daya Maksimum
23.4Kw (31.4PS)/11000rpm
Torsi Maksimum
Keihin CVR30 X 2bh
Sistem Starter
Elektrik Starter
Jumlah Transmisi
6 speed, return shift
Rasio Gigi
Gigi 1 2.600 ( 39/15 )
Gigi 2 1.789 ( 34/19 )
Gigi 3 1.409 ( 31/22 )
Gigi 4 1.160 ( 29/25 )
Gigi 5 1.000 ( 27/27 )
Gigi 6 0.893 ( 25/28 )
Tipe sistem final drive
Chain Drive / Rantai
Rasio Reduksi
3.214 ( 45/14 )
Drive Rasio Keseluruhan
Tipe Rangka
Full Frame
Panjang x Lebar x Tinggi
2080 x 715 x 1115mm
Jarak Poros Roda
Jarak Ke Tanah
Berat Maksimum
Suspensi Depan
Telescopic Fork Suspension
Suspensi Belakang
Telescopic Fork Suspension
Rem Depan
Rem Cakram Twin Pot
Rem Belakang
Rem Cakram Twin Pot

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yamaha Mio ATV Style Concept Modification

Yamaha Mio ATV Style Concept Modification

Most of the modifier, when making the ATV (all-terrain vehicle) with a base scooter, just using the engine alone. For an entirely new framework. Unlike arable Siswo Winoto of Win's Paddock (WP) in Purwokerto, Central Java on Yamaha Mio 2005 production Imung property.

In forming the four-wheel motorcycle, he was still wearing a main frame is still strong skutik judged to be supporting the ATV frame. Tactics that do Wiwin - Winato familiar greeting - with center cut bone aka main frame near the handle of the engine until the gas tank holder. The total cut to 30 cm. "The tank was moved forward and made more new cradle for the engine," beber Wiwin. Means, Mio main frame of the house was left living below the place holder komstir to deck. Big and strong on his pipe, "I went on the bracket tie rod, much cheaper and hold the main frame rather than have to make," he said.

The remaining main frame so the handle tie rod. Bracket made of pipe size 3x6 cm box with a length of 50 cm. Pipes are welded on either side facing down. Happens, tie rod grip shape like the letter "V" when viewed from the front.

Chassis that connects the front and rear wheel drive made new. Shaped like the letter "Y" big. "Pipe 1.5 inches so the main chassis frame welded to the Mio, which serves as a support sustained 3.4-inch diameter pipe," said Wiwin. For body work, you could say okay. Unfortunately, the legs too long and wide so that the overall appearance of proportion. Especially the distance from the body of the outer tire is too wide.

Wiwin claims that body model fighter really sharp with very short tails and tires like a true streetfighter motorcycle. Medium refers to the direction of bodywork ATV Yamaha Raptor ATV with a pointed front line and dived like a plane.

Mobil VW Beetle Seharga Rp 2,13 Miliar

VW Beetle Rp 2,13 Miliar! Apa Istimewanya?

How does the price of VW Beetle models kabriolet? The most expensive is also $ 1 billion. It was full of gold and diamonds. However, the price of the German people's car this one is actually opened with a number of U.S. $ 250,000 or USD 2.13 billion at auction.

What's so special? In addition to its owners, the high price of this car is also due to his greatness. Frog kabriolet origin belongs to veteran Hollywood actor, the late Paul Newman. He bought a 1963 production car and modify it with the help of Jerry Eisert (indy car modifiers.) The result, "frog" is able to jump with power 300 HP from the engine-size Ford 351 cubic inch V8 coupled 5-speed transmission.

In order to maintain stability in high speed, Jerry modify the legs. Also included, two additional engine radiator placed in front hood and rear.
Sang aktor pemenang Piala Oscar dari film The Color of Money (1986) ini jatuh cinta pada dunia balap saat terlibat produksi layar perak Winning. Bahkan, Newman pernah muncul di salah satu iklan VW menggunakan mobil ini.

Sebelum meninggal, Newman menyumbangkan mobil tersebut ke bengkel Chaffey College di Alta Loma, California. Bengkel ini sempat memberi beberapa sentuhan, seperti cat pada bodi mobil. Namun, seiring perjalanan, bengkel tersebut bangkrut dan salah satu mantan anggota direksi Sam Contino membeli VW itu.

Contino membuat janji pada dirinya bahwa ia akan mempercantik tampilan VW itu dengan mengembalikan ke warna aslinya. Namun, Newman telanjur meninggal dunia pada September 2008, dan pengerjaan mobil belum tuntas sehingga ia tak bisa melihat karyanya. Malah, Contino melegonya via internet melalui situs Kalau Anda tertarik, atau sekadar ingin melihat seperti apa tampilannya, langsung surfing saja ke situs itu!
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