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Honda Vario Street Fighter Modification

Honda Vario Street Fighter Modification

In addition to being a student, a man whose name is also Fhilips Kristianto modif motor pursue even casually modif motor, but thanks to keisengannya modif Fhilips motor bike did not think the number was called as The Best Black bike. With the motor diusungnya Vario Mototodify for the event, 19-year-old man is taking the concept of Street Fighter motorcycle.

Concept selection is to suggest a more sophisticated motor and has a sporty impression, when seen from the standard form of this motor Vario has been amended nearly 100 percent,

"The concept of my motorcycle Street Fighter made its name, the reason being I feel the concept's motor Vario usually matic she seems shallow, if I input the street fighter-class seems a little bit forward to the sport. So basically I like motor sport, so I have a plan to make Vario a motor sport, "ujarnya.Sedangkan the percentage changes were made to this Vario Fhilips says," 100 percent change ".

To change the motor is more focused on the motor body and legs, about the engine and framework embedded into it still relies on the original manufacturer of the Vario, "Only the innate Vario wrote the same machine next order only". Taking an idea from one of the automotive media, make changes to Fhilips Vario by removing some of the body and the legs of the original factory built, "If the change of the motor, rear body already using CS 1, the body behind him dicustom, let me put sweet little cover below same order triggers Street Fighternya, the leg-foot radius of my car put acrylic halved, measured and dibubut, so all the legs using acrylic. If most of all custom wheels ".

In order to look sexy, then change the order back Fhilips while to show the impression of street fighter extended handlebar. The man and his motorcycle the first time come to Djarum Black MOTODIFY contestants did not think the bike serial number was called as The Best Black bike, "Nah aja ya thought suddenly summoned cuman yes I pray it is successful," he said. Fhilips added, "I am feeling very happy, yes, indeed I hope to catch The Best Black". For the final plan later Fhilips will complete the front legs let more robust.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Modifikasi Suzuki Satria FU 150’ Street Fighter

Ginanjar, the resident liver Padamara Purbalingga a choice to focus on changes in relation to upgrade besutan fiberwork daily shuttle to school. Problem is not the overall design of the builder Mugi dipasrahkan Eling, hanging out with a label addressed Ui Evolution Custom home modifications.

Bodykit custom designs generally make Satria FU 150 lansiran performance in 2006 became heavier. But more importantly, present the forms belonging to the cover-body nyeleneh. What is it?. "From the front bodywork which stuck close to the bottom plate to cover the telescopic self-discs, including the side, airscoop and the stern area that looks more gambot," said student SMUN I Padamara this. The more interesting, the connection between the media Bodykit assembled with nut-bolts. So do not converge. The more refreshed, finish painted in white paint combination that gives iamge elegant blue.

"Kan emphasize that the changes made," proudly Ginanjar, also joined in otomania Purbalingga Out Sider (SID) and add the most funky kudabesinya at the school.

Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification

Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification
Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification

The most striking change was the application of the light house Yamaha X1-R from Thailand. So much like the Transformers robot, the front of the house following with given a touch of custom lamps. Especially in the shell of the lamp, right and left wing to cover protects the bottom half of the engine looks. In addition, there is in the form of seats, covers plus side to the stern of deliberately contrived sepatbor different.

According to the Court, put the cover body X1-R in Smash quite complicated. You see, there are several components that must be cut, plus, and moved. In addition, he had to reset the handle cover mounting bolts, from front to rear.

So, shockbreker double standard models modified to Monoshock. This makes replacement of the standard swing arm turned into handmade products from the aftermarket. Great was not haphazardly done that part, as well as other sections, because the goods are used and given a little expensive custom touch.

Special exhaust, this Court guarantee a good part because her voice a little more good and able to increase power. Apart from good to hear, according to Agung, exhaust was fitted to these changes. He predicts, the concept of combined racing look would be noticeable color trends.

Modifikasi Full Racing Yamaha Mio 2007

Foto modifikasi Full Racing Yamaha Mio 2007

Concept Thole maybe a new name in the ears of the world of modification, but after judging the background there is the name of the town of Fertile Pandaan must immediately know exactly how the results are always innovative modifnya workmanship with excellent finishing.

Yamaha MIO Pandaan '07

In besutan Yamaha Mio Panjul Sofi's output in 2007, he began to experiment different from the racing-style look that is now more prevalent. neo

Indeed the trend in the year 2010 the transfer of body heat is getting it, not just besutan funky, style, racing look is also subject to impact. Bodi-bodi kinds in Sofi's, handlebar top shell used dicoak owned Honda Beat the bottom side, ducking his impression increasingly involved with the handlebars cut and bent. Rear tail also replaced half of the body's Satria Fu is more slender and conical.

ORDER Bolong
Chassis parts are most likely just been painted with a bright screen, make the Fertile must be different. These side holes made with a large drill bit. Impression to be made as light as possible, even lip pierced rim Rossi participate.

Under no fun losing side, the tube pretentious front of the tube dicustom standard. Model plus the meat with a dibubut iron materials. The lower part is made of carved box with a screw-like tube cursory USD. Create YSS rear monosok made Satria's fall, the holder used a modified chassis further downward.

Disc disc not again be placed back in the house CVT, but go outside the house axle. So the house had to cut half of CVT in order to highlight the impression more and more clean and light, let alone Tromol was taken behind the bike's front Tromol smaller. Pairs of discs of this trend beyond the idea of domestic emang Thailand.

SOK DPN: Custom, discs: Tiara, Tromol: Handmade, SOK BLK: YSS, rim: Rossi, TIRE: 200/17 Swallow, ORDER: Hole, mask: Honda Beat, aft: Satria FU, Ignition: Rextor Program, OIL COOLER : Custom, Exhaust: AHRS, tank: Custom, Stang: Custom, stabilizer bar: TacoBell, GAS: Magura, AIRBRUSHER & modifier: Thole Concept (Yan Motor)

Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Mio 2010 Style

This is the results of yamaha mio sporty modification, appeared in the contest by seizing several champions in various event, the specification modified is: the front Tyre 120/14, the Tyre Behind 140/14, disc rear brakes double the right Disc - left, all body original in the substitute full custom, cover crangkas brembo, the Consul box, the spy custom, cover the hub cap, handled adjustable from contest.

Yamaha Mio Contest Winner in this Year

Good indeed if scooter modification this seized the title of one of the films super the newest hero of the work of the film-maker from the country of Paman Sam.

His character that futuristic with tampilan beraksen aggressive, the modification bertitel "Mio Iron Man Rod Wheel" this was claimed the creator as the creation was most original the heroes from the association club Wheel, Street. Rungkut Kidul, Surabaya. "By chance with with his film Mas and was seen by us seldom was please similar to us with the Iron Man name then", pukas Great Surya (20) one of the workshop modifiers represented the owner.

The basin super the hero (Iron Man), one of the mainstay weapons was acknowledged by the creator was located in the sector of the hands and foot-foot. With custom steer bomber "clean" that all the cable installation was massaged in an good manner in the pipe steer, the sector foot-foot then was supported Twins Custom Suspension in front and single arms shock dual that contradicted the rim hubbles chrome wrapped the tire of the kind car tubles 130/60/R13 front and 140/70/R14 behind.

The beginning was completed by us the sector foot-foot previously, just double as, the Great story. Carried the style low rider, enlargement the wheel behind then star for the sake of translated trend the strong modification was carried penggila skuter matik at this time this. With the increase in the muffler best custom , funnel accessories and several applications of the entertainment device; the Recvox TV, head the Audio planet unit, power Sound Stream, speaker Lighting Audio, appear Iron Man Rod Wheel this increasingly good with guyuran the Red Wine paint peppermints with the effect sparkle.

upper the hero futuristic this then succeeded in snatching the title as the champion I The Best Customized Matic and the champion Ii Master of Orbital. "In fact the target won we the extreme equally Orbital now if our other category attempted, but we stayed grateful", was closed Great somewhat diplomatic to the team

Modifikasi Skuter 2009

Skuter|scooter show in Europe, such as what? Geba Leisure Parts (GLP) try to appreciative through Yamaha Mio, owned a home Lamongan, East Java. "The concept leads to the European style because there many matik make it," said Gerie Nur Mayurie, home modifications GLP leaders in Bandung, West Java.

Apparent once the results of this garapan GLP. Some details taken from Peugeot Ludix, scooter popular in France. Models such as head lamp, and the body side of the slim Mio far more obese. According to the Ardhi Kupret, GLP blade design, the design is that Mio is stout and enggak cewek banget.

Sector around the side of the body appears to been serious. For example cover fan magnet constrained gambot participate. Adjustments to the results the separate body, shortened the stern, making duck scooter with the symbol is tune this fork fat more.

View more body side so be sweet after such a pipe chrome trim. This is an innovation. "If the motor man looks cool with a deltabox. Well, this kind of framework of indirection," Gerie smile while discussing the use palsunya frame pipe 1 1 / 2 inches long with 140 cm.

How installation is not difficult. Lis tied with bolts to the original order. This is to facilitate the loading tide.

To strengthen the European-style display, participate in other parts of the touch. As the bar, here's arrest Gerie Yamaha X1R, although to be less because the custom-fit the same body position and the rider. How, add aluminum as 8 cm in the middle of the handlebar.

Use of color participate specify. Here, the GLP deliberately paint doff of Spies Hecker. If too kinclong, said Gerie, terkesannya girly banget. So, before dissolved with candy red paint, body first be painted silver. To form the display screen doff, used a special type of varnish can cause these effects.

"In effect, become more motor serem. The weakness time is affected rain or water, the body looks a wet patch and not," I Gerie.

Foto,Gambar modifikasi Skuter 2009

Ratusan Harley-Davidson Padati Jalan Ibu Kota

JAKARTA, — Sedikitnya 700 pengendara sepeda motor Harley-Davidson, hari ini, Minggu (30/1/2011), memadati jalanan Ibu Kota untuk konvoi mempertajam rekor yang pernah dicatat Museum Rekor Dunia Indonesia (Muri) pada 2007 yang diikuti 429 moge Amerika.Beberapa pejabat publik turut serta, yaitu Gubernur DKI Jakarta Fauzi Wibowo serta mantan Menteri Perindustrian Fahmi Idris.

Rombongan tak hanya dari Jakarta, tetapi juga datang dari Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah, Bali, Medan, dan Makassar. Mereka sudah berkumpul di dealer pusat PT Mabua Harley-Davidson di TB Simatupang, Jakarta Selatan, sejak pukul 7.00. Peserta konvoi mulai meninggalkan lokasi pukul 09.00 dengan tujuan ke Pantai Mutiara, Jakarta Utara.

Irvino Edwardly, Country General Manager Sales and Marketing PT Mabua Harley-Davidson, mengatakan, "Selain memecahkan rekor Muri, kami juga melakukan kegiatan sosial berupa donor darah bekerja sama dengan PMI (Palang Merah Indonesia). Di sana (Pantai Mutiara) juga dilakukan berbagai kegiatan sekaligus memperingati ulang tahun pertama komunitas Harley Pantai Mutiara."

Ajun Komisaris Besar Ipung Purnomo, Kepala Satuan Patroli dan Pengawalan Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya menambahkan, sedikitnya 500 personel dari Kepolisian Lalu Lintas Polda Metro Jaya mengamankan acara ini. Konvoi melewati beberapa jalan Ibu Kota, seperti TB Simatupang-Warung Jati Padang-Mampang Prapatan-Jenderal Gatot Subroto-Letjen S Parman-Jelambar Timur-Prof Dr Latumenten-Jembatan Dua-Jembatan Tiga-Pluit-Pantai Mutiara.

Di antara 15 polwan yang bertugas, ada 14 polwan pengendara Harley-Davidson. "Kalau lancar, dalam waktu 30 menit rombongan akan sampai di tujuan. Insya Allah lancar," kata Ipung.

Iring-iringan yang cukup panjang sempat sedikit mengganggu arus lalu lintas. Bahkan Subagyo, warga Lebak Bulus, Jakarta Selatan, mengaku perjalanannya agak terganggu. "Gubernur seharusnya menjadi panutan. Jangan bikin kaum marginal jadi marah," ujar Subagyo, yang di Pasar Jumat sudah terhadang kemacetan dua jam.

Hasil Tes Tabrak C-NCAP (China) Tidak Dipercaya!

BEIJING, – Artikel yang ditulis ChinaAutoweb 11 Januari lalu cukup menggelitik: Is C-NCAP a Scam? Apakah hasil tes tabrak China New Car Assesment Program (C-NCAP) sebuah penipuan? Dijelaskan, C-NCAP yang berada di bawah China Automotive Technology and Research Centre (CATARC) sejak 2006, telah melakukan tes tabrakan lebih dari 100 model mobil. Sebagian adalah produksi asli China dan perusahaan pantungan China dengan mitra asingnya.

Menurut situs tersebut, pembacanya akhir-akhir ini sering menanyakan, mengapa mereka tidak menulis laporan hasil tes C-NCAP?

Jawabannya, hasil tes C-NACP kontroversial dan tidak bisa dipercaya! “Namanya memang mengacu kepada lembaga yang sangat dipercaya melakukan tes tabrakan di dunia, yaitu N-CAP NTHSA di Amerika Serikat, Euro N-CAP, A-NCAP Australia atau N-CAP Latin. Faktanya tidak demikian,” jelas situs tersebut. Kok bisa?

Tidak Resmi
Dijelaskan, hasil tes C-NCAP tidak resmi karena tidak mengikuti standar industri. Kendati dikelola oleh CATARC - lembaga berafiliasi dengan pemerintah – keberadaaan C-NCAP juga belum resmi. Cara kerja mereka tertutup, regulasi dibuat seperti mengontrol bisnis.

Li Weijing, Kepala Administrasi C-NCAP mengatakan, ”Standar (untuk keamanan kendaraan) formula kami memang tidak sesuai dengan pemerintah atau industri. Peraturan dan prosedur ditentukan oleh pusat (CATARC). Kami membuat aturan dan diminta menentukan aspek pengetesannya.” Ketidaknetralan dan ketidakjujuran lembaga tersebut karena aktivitas mereka mengutamakan laba. “Kami tidak mendapatkan bantuan dari pemerintah,” jelas Li Weijing. Karena itu pula, hasil C-NCAP dinilai mencari keuntungan (menjual majalah dan mobil baru).

Menurut supervisor CATARC, lembaga tersebut harus membayar sekitar 80 persen untuk biaya tes yang mencapai jutaan dolar setiap tahun. Sementara produsen mobil hanya memberi ongkos untuk model yang tes.

“Uang dapat membeli lebih banyak bintang?” Tulis ChinaAutoWeb lagi. C-NCAP pun membela diri, “Kehadiran kami di industri otomotif adalah untuk melayani anggota. Saya menilai cara tersebut normal termasuk memberikan layanan lebih.”.

Tidak “Fair”
Dijelaskan pula, dibandingkan dengan tes NCAP di bagian dunia lain, C-NAP kurang lengkap dan kurang ketat. Hasil bisa dikompromikan!

Tiga kriteria tes yang dijalan C-NAP tes tabrakan dari depan atau frontal 100 persen dan 40 persen overlap dan tabrakan samping. Untuk tabrakan dengan pejalan kaki, tabrakan dari belakang dan dengan tiang di samping, tidak ada.

Disamping itu, tes dilakukan pada kecepatan lebih rendah dibandingkan standar NCAP lain. C-NCAP melakukan tes pada 50 km/jam, sedangkan Eropa 64 km/jam dan Australia, Amerika Latin plus Amerika Serikat 56 km/jam.

Karena itulah, ketika sebagian besar konsumen China, disodorkan data C-NAP, banyak yang tidak percaya. Bahkan televisi pemerintah, CCTV membuat program khusus pengesahaan dengan melakukan angket. Berdasarkan angket, situs China yang paling tinggi dikunjungi, 72 persen dari 4.000 orang yang ditanya, mengatakan mereka mengatakan tes tersebut tidak “fair”. Hanya 6 persen yang mengakui!

Suzuki APV Pikap Ramaikan Pasar Indonesia

JAKARTA, — PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales meluncurkan Mega Carry guna memperkuat penjualan di segmen komersial yang sejak 2005 cuma dipasok untuk pasar ekspor. Sebenarnya, kendaraan ini merupakan versi pikap dari multi purpose vehicle APV dengan daya angkut lebih besar sampai 1,5 ton dibanding Suzuki Carry yang cuma 1 ton.

Spesifikasi mesinnya pun sama, 1.493 cc, berdaya 92,4 PS pada 6.000 rpm, dan torsi 126 Nm pada 3.000 rpm. Konsumsi bahan bakarnya diklaim 1 liter untuk 12,6 km.

Davy Tulian, Direktur Penjualan Roda 4 PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales mengatakan, pertumbuhan pasar pikap kecil di Indonesia sangat potensial. Tahun lalu, total pasar tercatat 67.644 unit, melesat nyaris dua kali lipat atau 98,8 persen dari 2009 yang cuma 34.032 unit.

Dari pasar itu, Suzuki Carry lawas terjual hingga 31.336 unit atau menguasai 46,3 persen penjualan. "Target untuk Mega Carry kita tetapkan 6.000 unit tahun ini dan total (plus Carry lawas) jadi 42.000-an," urai Davy di sela-sela peluncuran Mega Carry di Mangga Dua Square, Jakarta Utara, hari ini.

Mega Carry ditawarkan hanya dalam satu varian dengan banderol Rp 84 juta on the road Jakarta. "Harga masih promosi dan akan dipertahankan setidaknya satu bulan ke depan," tambah Davy.


AMERIKA, - Munculnya konsep Honda Civic kupe dan sedan Civic di Detroit Auto Show 2011 menandakan bahwa Civic 2012 generasi kesembilan akan segera menyusul, tepatnya pada musim semi ini. Namun, dalam siaran persnya tidak dirincikan spesifikasi dan mesin.

Tapi, dalam forum "Temple of VTEC" ada beberapa sumber membocorkan kalau Civic Gen-9 akan menggunakan mesin bensin berkapasitas 2.4L, sama persis dengan Acura TSX. Mesin baru empat silinder ini akan menggantikan versi sebelumnya yang 2.0L berkode K20Z3 yang mempunyai tenaga 197 HP. Sedang yang 2.4L diperkirakan akan bertenaga lebih 200 HP dan torsinya pun sangat signifikan.

Ada bocoran lainnya, bahwa line-up Civic di Amerika tak cuma dengan jantung pacu 2.4L, tapi juga disediakan yang 1.8L. Katanya, ada pengembangan yang mengarahkan ke efisiensi bahan bakar (lebih irit) dan ini mungkin untuk mengantisipasi kebijakan pemerintah Amerika yang pada 2017 memberlakukan soal efisiensi bahan bakar.

Selain mesin, konon warna mobil pun ditambah putih dan abu-abu untuk sedannya.Untuk yang suka dengan transmisi manual, bisa ditemukan seperti pada sedan DX dan LX.
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